Security Services

Connecting your business to the internet opens the door to expanded business opportunities. Unfortunately, it also opens the door to additional security risks. While your company is offering convenience and efficiency to your customers and suppliers, you must also protect vital electronic data from attacks from both inside and outside your facilities.
Trinco provides the assessment services and remediation tools and services to ensure your network security.
Because security risks vary from company to company and over time, our security consultants provide a cost effective range of security services that meets the needs of various sized businesses with differing degrees of technical complexity and security exposes. Using best practices and industry standards, our certified security experts will leverage their experience and the latest diagnostic tools to simplify technology jargon, define manageable project scope and ensure a secure solution that is right for your organization.
Trinco security services will protect your business from security risk giving you the confidence you need to expand your reach through web technology to meet the growing needs of your customers and suppliers.
Security Planning
The best first step to a secure company is an accurate assessment of your security posture and effective security planning.
Our understanding of industry standards and regulations such as HIPAA allows us to plan a specific course of action necessary to align your organization with industry requirements.
External Security Assessment
A healthy amount of suspicion can often uncover vulnerabilities to outside unauthorized access to vital electronic information. Our consultants and sophisticated tools can identify and secure any
Internal Security Assessment
Misuse of data, denial of service, or compromised data integrity are a few of the very real threats to your electronic data from inside sources. A review of your organization's security from an
Whether you need expert advice, our security consultants can play a role in securing your company's business.
When you need someone to follow through on a remediation plan, our security consultants can identify and fix network security vulnerabilities to protect your network.
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The best first step to a secure company is an accurate assessment of your security posture and effective security planning.